A prayer soaring to and from my heart, 
flowing with grace, bringing peace,  

Soothing the wounded soul...I have sung my pain and discovered joy and gladness.  

Light shimmers while color dances... with healing and rest upon His wings.

I am a musician and artist from Alaska. My journey in music began when I was on staff at the Downtown Soup Kitchen in Anchorage... singing, writing, composing songs... stories of the lives around me... songs of deliverance, encouragement, prophecies... songs to soothe the wounded soul.  I also perform original and improvisational piano throughout the Pacific Northwest in many places such as Seattle’s Northwest Flower and Garden Show, Providence Hospital, the Mayo Clinic, Nordstrom, Westmark Hotel, churches, botanical gardens and other settings.

I typically share my music Saturday evenings on the Village Voice Program on KJNP radio, Golden Heart Church and various solo piano performances along with hosting Friday Night Worship at my home.  Sometimes I post music on 

Morning Worship with Victoria Salmon

My recordings are available on itunes, apple music, YouTube, amazon, spotify, and others.